About Us

Our philosophy is to take less risk, and earn more return for the risk you take.


How are we different?

  • We are a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) and have the independence and legal fiduciary responsibility that goes along with it.  Please visit www.riastandsforyou.com to learn more about how a RIA stands for you.
  • Our strength in investment management is driven by our professionals dedicated to researching new investment ideas, evaluating existing positions and actively aligning your portfolios with the ever-changing economic and investment environment.
  • Our strength in service is to help clients coordinate complex financial situations.  No investment plan should ever be designed in a vacuum without regard to your entire financial picture.  Coordination with your other financial professionals is our specialty.
  • We are fee-only, which means our fees are directly aligned with your financial success and are tied to the changing value of your portfolio.  We do not accept any commissions or receive revenues from the investments we select.
  • We are investment managers for the long-term.  We are disciplined in our approach to investing and in our reactions to changes in the markets and economy. 


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