Foundations and Non-Profits

Non-profit and foundation board members have a legal fiduciary responsibility for prudent management of investment assets. 

Boards face significant challenges in answering the following questions:

  1. What is the purpose for our accumulated assets and what are the guidelines for drawing on those assets?
  2. How much risk is prudent when trying to earn a return?
  3. Are we earning enough return for the risk we’re taking?
  4. With frequent turnover in board and committee members, how can we create a long-term strategy and purpose for our assets that will stand regardless of leadership changes or investment manager changes?

We work with boards and committees to draft a written policy statement that stands as a long-term roadmap for investing assets, regardless of changing board members or changing investment managers.  This policy document drives all investment decisions, creates a consistent and clear format for performance reporting and prevents excessive risk-taking by outlining specific guidelines for portfolio construction.

Our relationships with some of our institutions have lasted over 20 years, and we understand the vital importance of these assets to the basic operations and future successes of an organization.  Beyond policy statement drafting, we develop and manage custom investment portfolios, provide custom reporting and also serve as a strategist in lending arrangements, all within the context of the long-term plan for the assets.

We are proud to be a trusted fiduciary partner to the board members of our clients’ organizations focused on a greater cause.

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