Small Business & Physician Practices

Long-term investing, strategic thinking and coordination across your financial professionals are necessary to achieve complex financial goals.

Even the most successful business owners wonder if they are doing all the right things with respect to building and protecting their wealth. Income uncertainty, liability protection, regulatory impacts, retirement planning and business and personal tax strategy are unique concerns for those risking it all to run their own business.    

To complicate matters, your schedule is demanding.  You have limited time for assignments and investment meetings and even less time to coordinate information between your accountant, estate attorney, benefits administrators and other investment professionals to make sure everyone is working as a team for your financial success. 

An investment strategy should not be designed without careful consideration of your overall financial situation, and each client is unique.  That is why we specialize in coordinating with your other financial professionals to align your investment strategy with your overall financial success.   

Through our decades of working with corporate executives, small business owners, and physician practices, we understand the complexities of integrating personal wealth with professional success.

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