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CPA & Attorney Support


There are many professionals that make up a client's trusted financial team.  We are one member of that team, and we recognize the vital role that each professional has in serving a client's needs.  We do not believe that one firm should be a "one-stop shop" for investments, insurance, tax strategy, and estate planning, but from the client's perspective, the experience should be seamless and coordinated.  That is why we specialize in partnering with other financial professionals on behalf of clients.  We regularly reach out to clients' other professionals, and we encourage professionals to contact us so that we may learn more about how we can best serve clients together.

Board Meeting
Analyzing Data

How We Partner with Accountants

Tax-Conscience Investment Management

Annual Gain/Loss Forecasting

Data Aggregation of all Assets

Tax Data & Document Resource

How We Partner with Attorneys

 Assist in project management of settling client estates


Proactively identify potential client needs for estate counsel


Step up cost basis and transfer of assets across client registrations as necessary


Refer clients to specialty practices for legal needs outside of estate matters

Reviewing the Laws
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