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Diana M. Graves

Financial Associate

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At Grant Street Asset Management, Diana Graves' approach to client communication is rooted in the simple, yet profound principle of personal connection. As a Financial Associate for over a decade, Diana's expertise extends beyond the financial; it's her ability to forge relationships that sets her apart.


Diana's day-to-day involves managing client requests, ensuring smooth account distributions, contributions, and aiding in the creation of client presentations. Her responsiveness and follow-up enable her to provide a high standard of service. "My goal is to alleviate our clients' burden, to be the reassuring voice that guides them through their financial journey," Diana explains.


With the additional qualification of a notary public, Diana serves as a trusted witness to critical documents, ensuring the integrity of each transaction. Her licensure as a residential Realtor enhances her understanding of clients' broader financial pictures, particularly when real estate plays a part in their investment portfolio.


Before her tenure at Grant Street Asset Management began in 2012, Diana's diverse background ranged from educational procurement to communications and office management within the legal sector of Pittsburgh. This breadth of experience has provided her with a rich tapestry of skills and insights, all of which she brings to her current role.


Diana's philosophy is straightforward yet impactful: "Treat clients as you would wish to be treated." This approach has garnered her not only the professional respect of her clients but also a place in their personal narratives, discussing family, hobbies, and life's milestones as naturally as financial strategies.


In the world of finance where transactions can often feel impersonal, Diana Graves stands as a beacon of personalized care, making her an indispensable part of the Grant Street Asset Management team.

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