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Michael M. Evans

Executive Chairman

Senior Wealth Advisor

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Michael M. Evans, the visionary founder of Grant Street Asset Management, has been a guiding force in wealth management for over 30 years. Since establishing GSAM as an independent Registered Investment Advisor in 1993, Michael's leadership as Executive Chairman and Senior Wealth Advisor has consistently prioritized a comprehensive view of each client's financial situation, far beyond the realm of investment management.


Michael's ethos centers on a family-first approach where financial advice intertwines with life's pivotal moments — celebrating new beginnings, planning life's next chapters, and providing support during times of loss. His philosophy has cultivated a culture where the GSAM team not only manages wealth but also becomes a trusted partner and confidant to clients and their families.


"We're more than financial advisors; we're integral partners in our clients' personal journeys," Michael reflects. "Earning the trust to become a reliable sounding board on a range of life's issues is the hallmark of the relationships we build."


With a career that spans four decades, Michael has been at the forefront of financial advice for individuals, families, and charitable foundations. Before GSAM, he provided expert financial guidance to key corporate executives, enhancing his understanding of the intricate balance between investing, tax planning, and estate considerations.


The familial atmosphere that Michael fosters at GSAM is palpable — it's an environment where every client interaction is personal, caring, and deeply connected. "Our team's genuine concern for our clients' well-being is reflected in the heartfelt feedback we receive," he says. "It's the greatest affirmation of the work we do."


For Michael, the success of Grant Street Asset Management is measured not just in financial terms but in the meaningful connections and impacts made on clients' lives. "Our commitment to holistic, compassionate wealth management is what truly distinguishes us in the field," Michael asserts. "It's about knowing that our clients feel understood, valued, and truly cared for."

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