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Patrick T. Evans

Senior Wealth Advisor

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Senior Wealth Advisor Patrick T. Evans stands as a testament to Grant Street Asset Management's philosophy that genuine relationships are the cornerstone of successful financial guidance. With a decade at GSAM, Patrick has upheld the values instilled by his father and company founder, Michael Evans, marrying a personal touch with financial expertise.


Patrick's approach is far from formulaic; instead, he views the firm's services as akin to a general manager for clients' life and finances. "Our role is to navigate any financial challenge our clients face," he explains. "We're not just managing investments; we're crafting comprehensive strategies that serve the multifaceted needs of large families."


A member of the Investment Committee, Patrick's strategic acumen in investment planning, portfolio management, and performance evaluation is integral to helping clients reach their financial aspirations. He believes that GSAM's strength lies in the trust and enduring relationships built over time. "It's the trust our clients place in us that fosters referrals and grows our GSAM family," says Patrick.


Patrick's financial prowess was honed at Virginia Tech University, where he earned his degree in Finance before embarking on his career at Merrill Lynch Wealth Management in Charlotte, North Carolina. His experience there parallels the client-centric service he champions at GSAM.


Now residing in Charlotte, Patrick bridges his expertise between GSAM's Pittsburgh headquarters and its southeastern clientele. The familial bonds within the GSAM team and with clients underscore his belief in the company's ethos: family comes first. "Our work with multiple generations of clients showcases the deep-rooted trust and commitment that distinguishes us in the wealth management landscape," Patrick reflects.


At GSAM, Patrick T. Evans exemplifies the firm's dedication to fostering a family-oriented environment where each client's financial well-being is nurtured with the utmost care and professionalism.

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